Hello there... Ron Ydenberg!

Meet another member of our editorial board - Ron Ydenberg. Read the short interview with Ron and learn about his current research focus and what he likes doing most in his spare time.

An Evolutionary Perspective On Moult

Read more about how Pyle et al. propose, illustrate, and discuss how moult strategies may have evolved across avian lineages.

Uniparental versus biparental incubation and embryonic development in tits

Read more about the effect of ambient temperature on embryonic development in biparental incubating black-throated tits and uniparental incubating silver-throated tits.

Migratory variation in Magellanic Penguins

Read more about the variation in the over-wintering strategy of Magellanic penguins.

The itinerant movements of lesser kestrels in West Africa

Read more about the findings on lesser kestrel non-breeding movement behaviour from the study by Lopez-Ricaurte et al.

Hello there... Suvi Ruuskanen!

Meet our editors! Read the short interview with Suvi Ruuskanen, JAB subject editor, and learn how being an editor helped in her role as head of the scientific committee for the recent EOU conference.

The elusive and unique swimming migration of young guillemots

Read about the distinct migration paths of father–chick pairs of young guillemots in the new JAB paper by Merkel and Strøm.

Hello there... Ulf Bauchinger!

Meet our Editorial Board - read the short interview with Ulf Bauchinger, JAB subject editor with expertise on avian energetics, metabolism, migration, stopover and individual performance.

September/October Cover

The September/October cover features a courting male adult blue throat from Johnsen et al: "Genetic diversity and sperm characteristics are not associated in two bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) populations".

The unexplored benefits of just hanging out in a social hotspot

A short blogpost by Simon Griffith about the recent article by Loning et al on the use of social hotspots by zebra finches.

Hello there...Jan-Åke Nilsson

Taking the pulse of Jan-Åke Nilsson. Read the short interview with our Editor-in-Chief.

Welcome Kristal Cain - NEW SE

Welcome our new subject editor from New Zealand: Kristal Cain! Kristal is an integrative organismal biologist with interests in behaviour, sex differences, hormones, vocal learning and sleep.

July/August Cover

The July/August cover features a Bermuda white-eyed vireo Vireo griseus bermudianus from Mejías and Wilson (2023): 'The relationships of breeding stage to daytime singing behaviour and song perch height in Bermuda white-eyed vireos Vireo griseus bermudianus'.

Welcome Sheela Turbek - new SE

The JAB Editorial Board is happy to welcome Sheela Turbek as a new subjector editor! Sheelas expertise lies at the interface between genomics, migration, environmental change and conservation.

Welcome Yali Si - new SE

The JAB Editorial Board is happy to welcome Yali Si as a new subjector editor! Yali will complement the board's expertise in spatial ecology, global environmental change and spatial epidemiology.

Welcome Elisa Bonaccorso - new SE

We are thrilled to introduce Elisa Bonaccorso as a new subject editor at Journal of Avian Biology! Elisa joined the editorial board in December 2022 and she brings valuable expertise about biogeography and phylogenetics/systematics of neotropical birds to the board.

January/February cover

New year, new covers! The first issue of 2023 features a group of common guillemots on the Treshnish Isles, Scotland.

Gone with the wind – fidelity to migratory paths and patterns of wind compensation during migration in adult ospreys

A new paper by Bernd Meyburg and Daniel Holte shows that adult ospreys demonstrate high fidelity to migratory paths in autumn and spring, as well as to the timing of migration in autumn; and sidewinds are predominantly compensated, especially when sidewinds are strong.

New article category – Mini-Reviews!

Journal of Avian Biology is delighted to announce the introduction of a new article category: Mini-Reviews.

Cover December 2022

We at Journal of Avian Biology wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and are glad to share the Nov/Dec issue cover featuring the artwork by Joshua LaPergola, a portrait of a black catbird.


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