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Staffan Bensch
Lund University, Sweden
Interests: host–parasite interactions,
migration, genomic ecology,
malaria, evolution, infectious disease

Lund University, Sweden
Interests: metabolism, thermoregulation,
life history evolution, eco-immunology,
physiology, maternal effects, incubation,







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Michael Tobler
Ecology building
SE-223 62 Lund, Sweden

Email: jab[at]oikosoffice.lu.se

Subject Editors

  • Ulf Bauchinger, Jagiellonian University, Poland                                                                Interests: avian energetics, metabolism, migration, stopover, performance                        Read more about Ulf's background and interests.

  • Elisa Bonaccorso, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador                                    Interests: biogeography, phylogeography, molecular systematics, neotropics             Read more about Elisa's background and interests.

  • Christiaan Both, University of Groningen, Netherlands                                                      Interests: migration, climate change, adaptation, dispersal

  • Theresa Burg, University of Lethbridge, Canada                                                                Interests: population genetics, molecular ecology, phylogeography

  • Kristal Cain, University of Auckland, New Zealand                                                              Interests: behaviour, sex differences, hormones, evolutionary ecology, vocal learning, sleep                                                                                                                                     Read more about Kristal's background and interests.

  • Stefania Casagrande, MPI for Ornithology Seewiesen, Germany                                      Interests: glucocorticoids, bioenergetics, telomeres, mitochondria, oxidative stress

  • Paulo Catry, ISPA Instituto Universitário, Lisabon, Portugal                                                  Interests: seabirds, migration, marine biology, ecology, conservation

  • Jenny Dunn, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK                                                            Interests: host-parasite interactions, coinfections, behavioural syndromes, environmental stress, conservation

  • Blandine Doligez, CNRS, University of Lyon, France                                                            Interests: habitat selection, dispersal, personality, passerine birds, cognition

  • Lu Dong, Beijing Normal University, China                                                                            Interests: speciation, phylogeography, plumage colour, host–parasite associations

  • Jenn Foote, Algoma University, Canada                                                                            Interests: animal communication, birdsong, vocal interactions, communication networks, avian ecology

  • Simon Griffith, Macquarie University Sydney, Australia                                                        Interests: sex allocation, sexual selection, polymorphism, evolutionary ecology

  • Wesley M. Hochachka, Cornell University, USA                                                                  Interests: population ecology, disease ecology, life history

  • Fumin Lei, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China                              Interests: phylogeography, biodiversity, genomics, speciation, distribution

  • Marcos Robalinho Lima, State University of Londrina, Brazil                                              Interests: avian malaria, functional diversity, community ecology, conservation, invasive species

  • Zhijun Ma, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, China                                                Interests: shorebirds, waterbirds, migration

  • Judith Morales Fernaz, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC), Spain                  Interests: sexual selection, social conflict, egg colour, maternal effects, phenotypic plasticity

  • Julio M. Neto, University of Porto, Portugal and Lund University, Sweden                          Interests: sexual selection, speciation, migration, population genetics, local adaptation 

  • Andreas Nord, Lund University, Sweden                                                                            Interests: body temperature, heterothermy, metabolic rate, immunology, incubation

  • Javier Pérez-Tris, University of Madrid, Spain                                                                    Interests: migration, avian malaria, conservation

  • Dominique Potvin, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia                                          Interests: behaviour, communication, urban ecology, cultural evolution

  • Petr Procházka, Inst. of Vertebrate Biology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Rep.  Interests: bird migration, avian brood parasitism, bird ecology, behavioural ecology

  • Martin Päckert, Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen, Dresden, Germany        Interests: taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, evolutionary biology, molecular ecology

  • Suvi Ruuskanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland                                                          Interests: environmental ecology, behavioural ecology, evolutionary ecology, ecophysiology, epigenetics                                                                                                      Read more about Suvi's background and interests.

  • Julia Schroeder, Imperial College London, United Kingdom                                          Interests: behavioural ecology, ageing, quantitative genetics, mating systems, extra-pair paternity 

  • Judy Shamoun- Baranes, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands                                    Interests: flight, migration, foraging, tracking, meteorology 

  • Yali Si, University of Leiden, Netherlands                                                                        Interests: Spatial ecology, biodiversity conservation, global environmental change, spatial epidemiology, geospatial analysis, movement ecology                                       Read more about Yali's background and interests.

  • David Swanson, University of South Dakota, USA                                                            Interests: physiology, phenotypic flexibility, metabolism, migration, winter 

  • Sheela Turbek, Colorado State University, USA                                                            Interests: population genomics, speciation, seasonal migration, climate change, conservation                                                                                                                                Read more about Sheela's background and interests.

  • Anders P. Tøttrup, Natural History Museum of Denmark                                                  Interests: climate change, conservation, movement ecology, migration, citizen science 

  • Ron C. Ydenberg, Simon Fraser University, Canada                                                      Interests: foraging, parental care, behaviour, ecology, migration