Parent–environmental interactions shape acoustic signatures in tree swallows

Acoustic signatures are common components of avian vocalizations and are important for the recognition of individuals and groups. In this study the authors investigate whether acoustic brood signatures are attributed to the genetic/maternal origins or to their rearing...

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After a lot of work, we are proud to present our new homepage! We really hope that you all will enjoy it as much as we do. Apart from up-to-date journal information and author guidelines, the homepage will also function as a discussion board where you can...

Editor´s choice - Territory quality and habitat heterogeneity in ravens

A common observation in avian population ecology is a density-dependent decrease in breeding success. Among territorial species this has been explained either as depending on habitat heterogeneity; low-quality territories are occupied in a higher...

Editor´s choice - Montane birds are declining in northern Europe

There is cause for concern about the alpine and arctic bird species breeding in climate-sensitive mountainous regions. A collaborative analysis of data from systematic monitoring schemes covering the Fennoscandian mountains in northern Europe demonstrates that...

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Happy New Year from Journal of Avian Biology!

We would like to thank all our our Authors, Reviewers and Readers for a fantastic year.


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