New article category – Mini-Reviews!

Submitted by Michi on 29 December 2022.

Journal of Avian Biology is delighted to announce the introduction of a new article category: Mini-Reviews.

The vast number of articles published each year makes it challenging for readers to keep up to date with advances in avian research. Filtering out the key messages and most significant findings can be particularly daunting in subjects that produce inconsistent or conflicting results. Reviews perform an important function as vehicles to convey critical information in a synthesized way: they not only aggregate information, but also identify current research gaps and pave the way for future investigation. Comprehensive review articles, however, are major undertakings that may quickly go out of date.

To address this challenge and to offer a nimbler format to publish overviews of a particular field or aspect in avian biology, the journal is introducing the Mini-Review article category. As the name suggests, Mini-Reviews are shorter than standard reviews (about 6000 words) and can be used to highlight a sub-topic or ongoing debate within a broader research area. They provide a succinct and clear summary of the research topic and give readers a quick overview of the most recent and significant advances. Mini-Reviews will be reviewed by the editorial board whenever possible to speed up handling time.