Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue. For each article you can see current altmetrics.

19 February 2018

Female dark-eyed juncos Junco hyemalis thurberi produce male-like song in a territorial context during the early breeding season

Reichard Dustin G., Brothers Daniel E., George Serena E., Atwell Jonathan W.,...
15 February 2018

Correlates of complete brood failure in blue tits: could extra-pair mating provide unexplored benefits to females?

Adèle Mennerat, Anne Charmantier, Christian Jørgensen, Sigrunn Eliassen
8 February 2018

Evidence of negative seasonal carry-over effects of breeding ground mercury exposure on survival of migratory songbirds

Yanju Ma, Brian A. Branfireun, Keith A. Hobson, Christopher G. Guglielmo
8 February 2018

Consequences of breeding system for body condition and survival throughout the annual cycle of tidal marsh sparrows

Alyssa Borowske, Christopher R. Field, Katharine J. Ruskin, Chris S. Elphick
5 February 2018

Intra-African movements of the African cuckoo Cuculus gularis as revealed by satellite telemetry

Iwajomo Soladoye B., Willemoes Mikkel, Ottosson Ulf, Strandberg Roine, Thorup...
5 February 2018

Migration strategies of the Baltic dunlin: rapid jump migration in the autumn but slower skipping type spring migration

Pakanen Veli-Matti, Jaakkonen Tuomo, Saarinen Joni, Rönkä Nelli, Thomson Robert...
5 February 2018

Body size shapes inter-specific migratory behaviour: evidence from individual tracks of long-distance migratory shorebirds

Zhao Meijuan, Christie Maureen, Coleman Jonathan, Hassell Chris, Gosbell Ken,...