Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue. For each article you can see current altmetrics.

27 February 2018

A bridge between oceans: overland migration of marine birds in a wind energy corridor

Lamb Juliet S., Newstead David J., Koczur Lianne M., Ballard Bart M., Green M...
27 February 2018

Geographic patterns of song variation in four species of Malurus fairy-wrens

Yandell David D., Hochachka Wesley M., Pruett-Jones Stephen, Webster Michael S...
27 February 2018

Local use of landfills by a yellow-legged gull population suggests distance-dependent resource exploitation

Egunez Alexandra, Zorrozua Nere, Aldalur Asier, Herrero Alfredo, Arizaga Juan
20 February 2018

Are vocal characteristics related to leadership patterns in mixed-species bird flocks?

Emilio Pagani-Núñez, Xue Xia, Guy Beauchamp, Ruchuan He, John H. D. Husson, Dan...
19 February 2018

Song parameters of the fuscous honeyeater Lichenostomus fuscus correlate with habitat characteristics in fragmented landscapes

Goretskaia Maria I., Beme Irina R., Popova Daria V., Amos Nevil, Buchanan...
19 February 2018

Life-history tradeoffs revealed by seasonal declines in reproductive traits of Arctic-breeding shorebirds

Weiser Emily L., Brown Stephen C., Lanctot Richard B., Gates H. River, Abraham...