Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue. For each article you can see current altmetrics.

20 June 2017

An experimental demonstration that house finches add cigarette butts in response to ectoparasites

Monserrat Suárez-Rodr-guez, Constantino Macías Garcia
15 June 2017

Plumage colour and the expression of stress-related genes in gull chicks

Javier Diaz-Real, Sin-Yeon Kim, Alberto Velando
15 June 2017

Diurnal body temperature patterns in free-ranging populations of two southern African arid-zone nightjars

Ryan S. O'Connor, R. Mark Brigham, Andrew E. McKechnie...
15 June 2017

Does habitat specialization shape the evolutionary potential of wild bird populations?

I. Martinossi-Allibert, J. Clavel, S. Ducatez, I. Le Viol
8 June 2017

Individuality in northern lapwing migration and its link to timing of breeding

Götz Eichhorn, Willem Bil, James W. Fox
8 June 2017

Contributions of feather microstructure to eider down insulation properties

Liliana D'alba, Thomas Holm Carlsen, Árni Ásgeirsson, Matthew D. Shawkey,...