Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue. For each article you can see current altmetrics.

21 February 2017

Parent birds assess nest predation risk: influence of cavity condition and avian nest predator activity

Jongmin Yoon, Jung-Shim Jung, Eun-Jin Joo, Byung-Su Kim, Shi-Ryong Park
21 February 2017

Interisland gene flow among populations of the buff-banded rail (Aves: Rallidae) and its implications for insular endemism in Oceania

Juan C. Garcia-R, Leo Joseph, Greg Adcock, Julian Reid, Steven A. Trewick
21 February 2017

First genetic assessment of the level of endemism in the avifauna of the Central Sierras in southern South America

Belén Bukowski, Pablo D. Lavinia, Natalia Trujillo-Arias, Cecilia Kopuchian,...
21 February 2017

Experimental feeding regime influences urban bird disease dynamics

Josie A. Galbraith, Margaret C. Stanley, Darryl N. Jones, Jacqueline R. Beggs
21 February 2017

Divergence and gene flow in the globally distributed blue-winged ducks

Joel T. Nelson, Robert E. Wilson, Kevin G. McCracken, Graeme S. Cumming, Leo...