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27 November 2014

Testing assumptions of central place foraging theory: a study of Adélie penguins Pygoscelis adeliae in the Ross Sea

R. Glenn Ford, David G. Ainley, Amelie Lescroël, Phil O'B. Lyver, Viola...
6 November 2014

Ratios, adaptations, and the differential metabolic capability of avian flight muscles

Joseph R. Jehl, Annette E. Henry, David L. Swanson
10 October 2014

Systematics and evolution of the Pan-Alcidae (Aves, Charadriiformes)

N. Adam Smith, Julia A. Clarke
10 October 2014

Long-term phenological shifts and intra-specific differences in migratory change in the willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus

Johanna S. U. Hedlund, Sven Jakobsson, Cecilia Kullberg, Thord Fransson
10 October 2014

Survival of Gunnison sage-grouse Centrocercus minimus in Colorado, USA

Amy J. Davis, Michael L. Phillips, Paul F. Doherty
10 October 2014

House sparrow Passer domesticus survival is not associated with MHC-I diversity, but possibly with specific MHC-I alleles

Maria Karlsson, Julia Schroeder, Shinichi Nakagawa, Henrik G. Smith, Terry...
30 September 2014

Factors influencing migratory decisions made by songbirds on spring stopover

Kristen M. Covino, Rebecca L. Holberton, Sara R. Morris
8 September 2014

Sexual pigmentation and parental risk-taking in yellow warblers Setophaga petechia

Andrea S. Grunst, Melissa L. Grunst, John T. Rotenberry
8 September 2014

Impacts of climate and land-use change on wintering bird populations in Finland

Sara Fraixedas, Aleksi Lehikoinen, Andreas Lindén
8 September 2014

Availability of optimal-sized prey affects global distribution patterns of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos

Andreas Schweiger, Hans-Joachim Fünfstück, Carl Beierkuhnlein
1 August 2014

Regional and seasonal flight speeds of soaring migrants and the role of weather conditions at hourly and daily scales

W. M. G. Vansteelant, W. Bouten, R. H. G. Klaassen, B. J. Koks, A. E. Schlaich...
24 July 2014

Song-based species discrimination in a rapid Neotropical radiation of grassland seedeaters

Pilar Benites, Leonardo Campagna, Pablo L. Tubaro
24 July 2014

Laying-sequence variation in yolk carotenoids and egg characteristics in the red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus

Jennifer L. Newbrey, Cynthia A. Paszkowski, Kevin J. McGraw, Susanna Ogle
9 July 2014

Comparative reproductive biology of sympatric species: nest and chick survival of American avocets and black-necked stilts

Joshua T. Ackerman, Mark P. Herzog, John Y. Takekawa, C. Alex Hartman
9 July 2014

Nutritional stress affects corticosterone deposition in feathers of Caspian tern chicks

Allison G. L. Patterson, Alexander S. Kitaysky, Donald E. Lyons, Daniel D. Roby
27 June 2014

Temporal patterns of avian body size reflect linear size responses to broadscale environmental change over the last 50 years

Janet L. Gardner, Tatsuya Amano, Patrica R. Y. Backwell, Karen Ikin, William J...
27 June 2014

Temporal and environmental influences on the vocal behaviour of a nocturnal bird

Andrew Digby, Michael Towsey, Ben D. Bell, Paul D. Teal
27 June 2014

Density-dependent effects on nesting success of temperate-breeding Canada geese

Anik Pannetier Lebeuf, Jean-François Giroux
9 May 2014

South temperate birds have higher apparent adult survival than tropical birds in Africa

Penn Lloyd, Fitsum Abadi, Res Altwegg, Thomas E. Martin
9 May 2014

Effect of photoperiod on incubation period in a wild passerine, Sylvia atricapilla

Suzanne H. Austin, Michaela Hau, W. Douglas Robinson
9 May 2014

Foraging strategy of the little auk Alle alle throughout breeding season – switch from unimodal to bimodal pattern

Dariusz Jakubas, Katarzyna Wojczulanis-Jakubas, Lech Iliszko, Mirosław Darecki...
28 April 2014

Costs of rearing and sex-ratio variation in southern grey shrike Lanius meridionalis broods

Gregorio Moreno-Rueda, Francisco Campos, Francisco Gutiérrez-Corchero, M.-...
25 April 2014

Testosterone levels in feces predict risk-sensitive foraging in hummingbirds

C. A. Chávez-Zichinelli, L. Gómez, R. Ortiz-Pulido, C. Lara, R. Valdéz, M. C...
24 April 2014

Impact of miniaturized geolocators on barn swallow Hirundo rustica fitness traits

Chiara Scandolara, Diego Rubolini, Roberto Ambrosini, Manuela Caprioli, Steffen...
10 April 2014

The origin of feather holes: a word of caution

Csongor I. Vágási
10 April 2014

Genetically-based behavioural morph affects stopover refuelling performance in white-throated sparrows Zonotrichia albicollis

J. Morgan Brown, Brendan J. McCabe, Lisa V. Kennedy, Christopher G. Guglielmo
10 April 2014

Colony attendance and at-sea distribution of thin-billed prions during the early breeding season

Petra Quillfeldt, Richard A. Phillips, Melanie Marx, Juan F. Masello
7 April 2014

Snake predation on North American bird nests: culprits, patterns and future directions

Brett A. DeGregorio, Scott J. Chiavacci, Patrick J. Weatherhead, John D...
26 March 2014

North-African house martins endure greater haemosporidian infection than their European counterparts

Juan van Rooyen, Tania Jenkins, Naouel Lahlah, Philippe Christe
24 March 2014

Lower survival probability of house sparrows severely infected by the gapeworm parasite

H. Holand, H. Jensen, J. Tufto, M. Soliman, H. Pärn, B.-E. Sæther, T. H. Ringsby
24 March 2014

Equal reproductive success of phenotypes in the Larus glaucescens–occidentalis complex

Libby C. Megna, Andre E. Moncrieff, James L. Hayward, Shandelle M. Henson
24 March 2014

The mucous covering of fecal sacs prevents birds from infection with enteric bacteria

Juan Diego Ibáñez-Álamo, Magdalena Ruiz-Rodríguez, Juan José Soler
21 March 2014

Age-specific survival and recruitment of piping plovers Charadrius melodus in the Great Lakes region

Sarah P. Saunders, Todd W. Arnold, Erin A. Roche, Francesca J. Cuthbert
21 March 2014

Why water birds forage at night: a test using black-tailed godwits Limosa limosa during migratory periods

Francisco Santiago-Quesada, Sora M. Estrella, Juan M. Sánchez-Guzmán, José A...
18 March 2014

Occupancy of yellow-billed and Pacific loons: evidence for interspecific competition and habitat mediated co-occurrence

Trevor B. Haynes, Joel A. Schmutz, Mark S. Lindberg, Kenneth G. Wright, Brian D...
18 March 2014

Foraging movements of Leach's storm-petrels Oceanodroma leucorhoa during incubation

Ingrid L. Pollet, Robert A. Ronconi, Ian. D. Jonsen, Marty L. Leonard, Philip D...
18 March 2014

Contemporary divergence of island bird plumage

Julian D. Avery, Phillip Cassey, Julie L. Lockwood
25 February 2014

Body composition of north and southbound migratory blackcaps is influenced by the lay-of-the-land ahead

Michał S. Wojciechowski, Reuven Yosef, Berry Pinshow
25 February 2014

Multilocus phylogeography and morphology give insights into the recent evolution of a Mexican endemic songbird: Vireo hypochryseus

Enrique Arbeláez-Cortés, Diego Roldán-Piña, Adolfo G. Navarro-Sigüenza
31 January 2014

No evidence for long-term effects of reproductive effort on parasite prevalence in great tits Parus major

Margje E. de Jong, Rienk W. Fokkema, Richard Ubels, Marco van der Velde, Joost...
28 January 2014

Avian claw morphometry and growth determine the temporal pattern of archived stable isotopes

Steffen Hahn, Dimitar Dimitrov, Saskia Rehse, Elizabeth Yohannes, Lukas Jenni
28 January 2014

Antioxidant status in relation to age, condition, reproductive performance and pollution in three passerine species

Åsa M. M. Berglund, Miia J. Rainio, Mirella Kanerva, Mikko Nikinmaa, Tapio Eeva
22 January 2014

Avian malaria is associated with increased reproductive investment in the blue tit

Edyta Podmokła, Anna Dubiec, Szymon M. Drobniak, Aneta Arct, Lars Gustafsson,...
22 January 2014

Influence of incubation recess patterns on incubation period and hatchling traits in wood ducks Aix sponsa

A. W. Carter, W. A. Hopkins, I. T. Moore, S. E. DuRant
22 January 2014

Parent–environmental interactions shape acoustic signatures in tree swallows: a cross-fostering experiment

Hendrik Reers, Marty L. Leonard, Andrew G. Horn, Alain Jacot
17 January 2014

Editorial – 20 years with Journal of Avian Biology

Johan Nilsson, Thomas Alerstam, Jan-Åke Nilsson
14 January 2014

Nest site selection of a primary hole-nesting passerine reveals means to developing sustainable forestry

E. Vatka, K. Kangas, M. Orell, S. Lampila, A. Nikula, V. Nivala
19 December 2013

The timing of diversification within the most divergent parrot clade

Frank E. Rheindt, Les Christidis, Sylvia Kuhn, Siwo de Kloet, Janette A. Norman...
13 December 2013

Great flexibility in autumn movement patterns of European gadwalls Anas strepera

Andrea Gehrold, Hans-Günther Bauer, Wolfgang Fiedler, Martin Wikelski
13 December 2013

Genetic diversity and morphological variation of the common chaffinch Fringilla coelebs in the Azores

Pedro Rodrigues, Ricardo Jorge Lopes, Sandra Reis, Roberto Resendes, Jaime...
13 December 2013

Territory quality affects the relative importance of habitat heterogeneity and interference competition in a long-lived territorial songbird

Thomas Grünkorn, Astrid Potiek, Volker Looft, Rudy M. Jonker, Nayden Chakarov,...
9 December 2013

The exception to the rule: retreating ice front makes Bewick's swans Cygnus columbianus bewickii migrate slower in spring than in autumn

Rascha J. M. Nuijten, Andrea Kölzsch, Jan A. van Gils, Bethany J. Hoye, Kees...
4 December 2013

Assessing the role of body mass and sex on apparent adult survival in polygynous passerines: a case study of cetti's warblers in central Portugal

David Monticelli, Pedro M. Araújo, James E. Hines, Paulo Q. Tenreiro, Luis P...
4 December 2013

Eggshell spot scoring methods cannot be used as a reliable proxy to determine pigment quantity

Kaat Brulez, Phillip Cassey, Alan Meeson, Ivan Mikšík, Simone L. Webber, Andrew...
4 December 2013

Anatomical bases of sex- and size-related acoustic variation in herring gull alarm calls

Loïc A. Hardouin, Richard Thompson, Martyn Stenning, David Reby
3 December 2013

Macrogeographic variation in the call of the corncrake Crex crex

Michał Budka, Gunvar Mikkelsen, Lucia Turčoková, Yoan Fourcade, Svein Dale,...
2 December 2013

Common montane birds are declining in northern Europe

Aleksi Lehikoinen, Martin Green, Magne Husby, John Atle Kålås, Åke Lindström
11 November 2013

Improving provenance studies in migratory birds when using feather hydrogen stable isotopes

Jacintha G. B. van Dijk, Włodzimierz Meissner, Marcel Klaassen
11 November 2013

Revisiting the condition-dependence of melanin-based plumage

Sarah Guindre-Parker, Oliver P. Love
11 November 2013

Endozoochory largely outweighs epizoochory in migrating passerines

José M. Costa, Jaime A. Ramos, Luís P. da Silva, Sérgio Timoteo, Pedro M...
11 November 2013

Melanin-based coloration covaries with fluctuating asymmetry, nutritional state and physiological stress response in common snipe

Piotr Minias, Krzysztof Kaczmarek, Radosław Włodarczyk, Tomasz Janiszewski
11 November 2013

Relative contribution of lipid sources to eggs of lesser scaup

Kyle A. Cutting, Keith A. Hobson, Jay J. Rotella, Jeffrey M. Warren, John Y...
24 October 2013

Networks of prey specialization in an Arctic monomorphic seabird

Jennifer F. Provencher, Kyle H. Elliott, Anthony J. Gaston, Birgit M. Braune
22 October 2013

Cytokine expression in phytohaemagglutinin-induced skin inflammation in a galliform bird

Michal Vinkler, Jana Svobodová, Barbora Gabrielová, Hana Bainová, Anna Bryjová
9 October 2013

Eumelanin-based colouration reflects local survival of juvenile feral pigeons in an urban pigeon house

Charlotte Récapet, Lise Dauphin, Lisa Jacquin, Julien Gasparini, Anne-Caroline...
9 October 2013

Using stable hydrogen isotopes (δ2H) and ring recoveries to trace natal origins in a Eurasian passerine with a migratory divide

Petr Procházka, Steven L. Van Wilgenburg, Júlio M. Neto, Reuven Yosef, Keith A...
9 October 2013

Behavioural responses to ectoparasites in pied flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca: an experimental study

Alejandro Cantarero, Jimena López-Arrabé, Alberto J. Redondo, Juan Moreno
16 September 2013

High rates of extra-pair paternity in two equatorial populations of rufous-collared sparrow, Zonotrichia capensis

Cas Eikenaar, Frances Bonier, Paul R. Martin, Ignacio T. Moore
5 September 2013

Body condition dynamics and the cost-of-delay hypothesis in a temperate-breeding duck

Jeffrey M. Warren, Kyle A. Cutting, David N. Koons
3 September 2013

Ontogenetic patterns of constitutive immune parameters in altricial house sparrows

Tess L. Killpack, Yushi Oguchi, William H. Karasov
12 August 2013

Haemosporidian parasitism in the blackcap Sylvia atricapilla in relation to spring arrival and body condition

Diego Santiago-Alarcon, Raeann Mettler, Gernot Segelbacher, H. Martin Schaefer
22 July 2013

Inferring the ecology of willow warblers during their winter moult by sequential stable isotope analyses of remiges

Keith W. Larson, Miriam Liedvogel, Staffan Bensch, Susanne Åkesson, Leonard I...
1 July 2013

Movements and activities of male black-tailed gulls in breeding and sabbatical years

Kentaro Kazama, Kazuhiko Hirata, Takashi Yamamoto, Hiroshi Hashimoto, Akinori...