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Article number Year Description Documents
JAB5746 2012

Amos, J. N., Balasubramaniam, S., Grootendorst, L., Harrisson, K. A., Lill, A., Mac Nally, R., Pavlova, A., Radford, J. Q., Takeuchi, N., Thomson, J. R. and Sunnucks, P. 2012. Little evidence that condition, stress indicators, sex ratio, or homozygosity are related to landscape or habitat attributes in declining woodland birds. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 045–054.

JAB5743 2012

Schidelko, K., Wüstenhagen, N., Stiels, D., van den Elzen, R. and Rödder, D. 2012. Continental shelf as potential retreat areas for Austral-Asian estrildid finches (Passeriformes: Estrildidae) during the Pleistocene. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 121–132.

JAB5728 2012

Brown, J. L. and Collopy, M. W. 2012. Immigration stabilizes a population of threatened cavity-nesting raptors despite possibility of nest site imprinting. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 141–148.

JAB5723 2012

Møller, A. P., Solonen, T., Byholm, P., Huhta, E., Tøttrup Nielsen, J. and Tornberg, R. 2012. Spatial consistency in susceptibility of prey species to predation by two Accipiter hawks. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 390–396.

JAB5709 2012

Wells, M. E. and Schaeffer, P. J. 2012. Seasonality of peak metabolic rate in non-migrant tropical birds. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 481–485.

JAB5699 2012

Anderson, H. B., Godfrey, T. G., Woodin, S. J. and van der Wal, R. 2012. Finding food in a highly seasonal landscape: where and how pink footed geese Anser brachyrhynchus forage during the Arctic spring. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 273–279.

JAB5686 2012

Galván, I., Aguilera, E., Atiénzar, F., Barba, E., Blanco, G., Cantó, J. L., Cortés, V., Frías, Ó., Kovács, I., Meléndez, L., Møller, A. P., Monrós, J. S., Pap, P. L., Piculo, R., Senar, J. C., Serrano, D., Tella, J. L., Vágási, C. I., Vögeli, M. and Jovani, R. 2012. Feather mites (Acari: Astigmata) and body condition of their avian hosts: a large correlative study. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 273–279.

JAB5666 2012

Legagneux, P., Clark, R. G., Guillemain, M., Eraud, C., Théry, M. and Bretagnolle, V. 2012. Large-scale geographic variation in iridescent structural ornaments of a long-distant migratory bird. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 355–361.

JAB5660 2012

Taylor, S. A., Anderson, D. J., Zavalaga, C. B. and Friesen, V. L. 2012. Evidence for strong assortative mating, limited gene flow, and strong differentiation across the blue-footed / Peruvian booby hybrid zone in northern Peru. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 311–324.

JAB5643 2012

Jovani, R., Schielzeth, H., Mavor, R. and Oro, D. 2012. Specificity of grouping behavior: comparing colony sizes for the same seabird species in distant populations. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 397–402.

JAB5604 2012

Graham, B. A. and Burg, T. M. 2012. Molecular markers provide insight into contemporary and historic gene flow for a non-migratory species. – J. Avian Biol. 43:198–214.

JAB5599 2012

Remeš, V., Matysioková, B. and Cockburn, A. 2012. Long-term and large-scale analyses of nest predation patterns in Australian songbirds and a global comparison of nest predation rates. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 435–444.

JAB5576 2012

Cassey, P., Mikšík, I., Portugal, S. J., Maurer, G., Ewen, J. G., Zarate, E., Sewell, M. A., Karadas, F., Grim, T. and Hauber, M. E. 2012. Avian eggshell pigments are not consistently correlated with colour measurements or egg constituents in two Turdus thrushes. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 503–512.

JAB5574 2012

Johnson, E. I., Stouffer, P. C. and Bierregaard, Jr, R. O. 2012. The phenology of molting, breeding and their overlap in central Amazonian birds. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 141–154.

JAB5573 2012

Franks, S. E., Norris, D. R., Kyser, T. K., Fernández, G., Schwarz, B., Carmona, R., Colwell, M. A., Sandoval, J. C., Dondua, A., Gates, H. R., Haase, B., Hodkinson, D. J., Jiménez, A., Lanctot, R. B., Ortego, B., Sandercock, B. K., Sanders, F., Takekawa, J. Y., Warnock, N., Ydenberg, R. C. and Lank, D. B. 2012. Range-wide patterns of migratory connectivity in the western sandpiper Calidris mauri. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 155–167.

JAB5572 2012

Woltmann, S., Sherry, T. W. and Kreiser, B. R. 2012. A genetic approach to estimating natal dispersal distances and self-recruitment in resident rainforest birds. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 33–42.

JAB5551 2012

De Coster, G., De Neve, L., Verhulst, S. and Lens, L. 2012. Maternal effects reduce oxidative stress in female nestlings under high parasite load. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 177–185.

JAB5549 2012

Geraci, J., Bechet, A., Cézilly, F., Ficheux, S., Baccetti, N., Samraqui, B. and Wattier, R. 2012. Greater flamingo colonies around the Mediterranean form a single interbreeding population and share a common history. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 341–354.

JAB5529 2012

Mihoub, J. B., Mouawad, N. G., Pilard, P., Jiguet, F., Low, M. and Teplitsky, C. 2012. Impact of temperature on the breeding performance and selection patterns in lesser kestrels Falco naumanni. – J. Avian Biol. 43: xxx–xxx.

JAB5516 2012

Seneviratne, S. S., Toews, D. P. L., Brelsford, A. and Irwin, D. E. 2012. Concordance of genetic and phenotypic characters across a sapsucker hybrid zone. – J. Avian Biol 43: 119–130.

JAB5504 2012

Whittaker, D. J., Dapper, A. L., Peterson, M. P., Atwell, J. W. and Ketterson, E. D. 2012. Maintenance of MHC Class IIB diversity in a recently established songbird population. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 109–118.

JAB5474 2012

Zhao, N., Dai, C., Wang, W., Zhang, R., Qu, Y., Song, G., Chen, K., Yang, X., Zou, F. and Lei, F. 2012. Pleistocene climate shaped the divergence and demography of Asian populations of the great tit Parus major: evidence from phylogeographic analysis and ecological niche models. – J. Avian Biol. 43: 297–310.

JAB5520 2011

Stracey, C. M. and Robinson, S. K. 2011. Are urban habitats ecological traps for a native songbird? Seasonlong productivity, apparent survival, and site fidelity in urban and rural habitats. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 50–60.

JAB5402 2011

Remeš, V., Matysioková, B. and Klejdus, B. 2011. Egg yolk antioxidant deposition as a function of parental ornamentation, age, and environment in great tits Parus major. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 387-396.

JAB5360 2011

Toews, D. P. L., Brelsford, A. and Irwin, D. E. 2011. Hybridization between Townsend’s Dendroica townsendi and black-throated green warblers D. virens in an avian suture zone. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 434-446.

JAB5351 2011

Vasko, V., Laaksonen, T., Valkama, J. and Korpimäki, E. 2011. Breeding dispersal of Eurasian kestrels Falco tinnunculus under temporally fluctuating food abundance. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 552-563.

JAB5347 2011

Hope, D. D., Lank, D. B., Smith, B. D. and Ydenberg, R. C. 2011. Migration of two calidrid sandpiper species on the predator landscape: how stopover time and hence migration speed vary with geographical proximity to danger. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 522-529.

JAB5283 2011

Tietze, D. T., Martens, J., Sun, .Y-H., Severinghaus, L. L. and Päckert, M. 2011. Song evolution in the coal tit Parus ater. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 214-230.

JAB5280 2011

Talbot, S. L., Palmer, A. G., Sage, G. K., Sonsthagen, S. A., Swem, T., Brimm, D. J. and White, C. M. 2011. Lack of genetic polymorphism among peregrine falcons Falco peregrinus of Fiji. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 415-428.

JAB5224 2011

Coulton, D. W., Clark, R. G., Howerter, D. W., Anderson, M. G.. and Wassenaar, L. I. 2011. Costs and benefits of natal dispersal in yearling mallards Anas platyrhynchos. – J. Avian Biol. 42: 123-133.