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Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text at Wiley Online Library. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

20 March 2019

Leg length and temperature determine the use of unipedal roosting in birds

Ryeland, Julia; Weston, Michael; Symonds, Matthew
14 March 2019

Molecular systematics, biogeography, and taxonomy of forest-falcons in the <i>Micrastur ruficollis</i> species complex (Aves: Falconidae)

Soares, Leonardo; Bates, John; Carneiro, Lincoln; Santos, Marcos ; Aleixo,...
14 March 2019

Extra-pair offspring are less heterozygous than within-pair offspring in American redstarts (Setophaga ruticilla)

Hajdasz, Adrianne; McKellar, Ann; Ratcliffe, Laurene; Boag, Peter; Marra, Peter...
4 March 2019

Correlates of alternative migratory strategies in western bluebirds

Dale, Catherine; Nocera, Joseph; Franks, Samantha; Kyser, T.; Ratcliffe, Laurene
4 March 2019

Differences between temperate and tropical birds in seasonal acclimatization of thermoregulatory traits

Pollock, Henry; Brawn, Jeff; Agin, Timothy; Cheviron, Zachary