Recently accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text at Wiley Online Library. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

8 October 2019

The spatial analysis of biological interactions: morphological variation responding to the co-occurrence of competitors and resources

Tovilla-Sierra, Rosa Daniela; Herrera-Alsina, Leonel; Bribiesca, Rafael; Arita...
8 October 2019

Beak morphology predicts apparent survival of crossbills: due to selective survival or selective dispersal?

Blanco, David Gómez; SANTORO, SIMONE; Borràs, Antoni; Cabrera, Josep; Carlos...
26 September 2019

Light affects parental provisioning behaviour in a cavity-nesting Passerine

Podkowa, Paweł; Malinowska, Katarzyna; Surmacki, Adrian
4 September 2019

Great spotted cuckoo eggshell microstructure characteristics can make eggs stronger

Soler, Manuel; Rodriguez-Navarro, Alejandro; Pérez-Contreras, Tomás; García-...