Recently accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published in full text at Wiley Online Library. These abstracts have not been copyedited and titles and abstracts may change before the final version.

24 April 2019

Worth the reward? An experimental assessment of risk-taking behavior along a life history gradient

Behney, Adam; O'Shaughnessy, Ryan; Eichholz, Mike; Stafford, Joshua...
23 April 2019

DNA methylation predicts immune gene expression in introduced house sparrows (<i>Passer domesticus</i>)

Kilvitis, Holly; Schrey, Aaron; Ragsdale, Alexandria; Berrio, Alejandro; Phelps...
15 April 2019

At sea vocal repertoire of a foraging seabird

Thiebault, Andréa; Charrier, Isabelle; Pistorius, Pierre; Aubin, Thierry
12 April 2019

Egg investment in response to the helper presence in cooperatively breeding Tibetan ground tits.

Zhao, Qingtian; Hammers, Martijn; Li, Chen; Zeng, Xixia; Hao, Chenxi; Lu, Xin;...
27 March 2019

Life-history innovation to climate change: can single-brooded migrant birds become multiple breeders?

Both, Christiaan; Ubels, Richard; Ravussin, Pierre-Alain
20 March 2019

Spatial segregation between immatures and adults in a pelagic seabird suggests age-related competition

Pettex, Emeline; Lambert, Charlotte; Fort, Jérôme; Dorémus, Ghislain; Ridoux,...