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2 August 2019

Experimental old nest material predicts hoopoe (Upupa epops) eggshell and uropygial gland microbiota

status: 1 JAV-02083.R2 Experimental old nest material predicts hoopoe (Upupa...
16 July 2019

To change or not to change experimenters: Caveats for repeated behavioural and physiological measures in Montagu’s Harrier

Rabdeau, Juliette; Badenhausser, Isabelle; Moreau, Jer�me; Bretagnolle, Vincent...
22 May 2019

Male and female Rufous-and-white Wrens do not match song types with same-sex rivals during simulated territorial intrusions

Moser-Purdy, Christopher; Kahn, Zachary; Graham, Brendan; Menill, Dan
6 May 2019

Effects of body size, sex, parental care and moult strategies on auk diving behaviour outside the breeding season

Dunn, Ruth; Wanless, Sarah; Green, Jonathan; Harris, M. P.; Daunt, Francis
29 April 2019

Time-keeping programme can explain seasonal dynamics of leukocyte profile in a migrant bird.

Demina, Irina; Tsvey, Arseny ; Babushkina, Olga ; Bojarinova, Julia