Revealing the migration and winter movements of Swedish Red-necked Phalaropes

Ever since I first visited Ammarnäs in Swedish Lapland in 2007, Red-necked Phalaropes captured my special interest. Well-known for their reversed sex roles, their pelagic lifestyle outside the breeding period has hampered the study of their non-breeding biology...

Using drones to monitor bird nests

In late winter 2013/14 the crow fieldwork crew of the Wolf Lab at the Evolutionary Biology Centre in Uppsala, Sweden, started planning the next field season. The goal was to sample two dozen hooded and carrion crow nestlings from sites in Sweden and Germany...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Journal of Avian Biology wish all its readers, authors, reviewers and editors a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. We hope that you all get some well-deserved rest together with family and friends.

Automated tracking of wild hummingbird mass

In this study the authors examine the use of automated collection of hummingbird mass data using low-cost, low-power radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. In a field study in southern Ontario, wild hummingbirds were captured, subcutaneously implanted with...

New impact factor and other numbers

About two weeks ago Thomson Reuters published their annual Journal Citation Report. For us editors this is a day of excited anticipation – even though most of us agree that this measure is far from perfect, it...

Nuthatch fecundity improves with mountain pine beetle outbreak

Food pulses during the breeding season can reduce competition for food and increase fecundity. But, for cavity-nesting birds that excavate new nest cavities, a reproductive cost associated with excavation, may limit the reproductive response to food pulses.

Most downloaded papers 2013

Our publisher Wiley just released our 10 most downloaded papers for 2013. As you might expect, most of the papers on the list were also published in 2013, but there are also a few surprises...

New Subject Editor - Darren Irwin

A warm welcome to our new subject editor - Darren Irwin!

Darren Irwin is based at University of British Columbia and his research is focused around how new species evolve and how the geographical variation within species is produced. His innovative...

New Subject Editor - Jan van Gils

We are very happy to welcome Jan van Gils to our editorial team!

Jan van Gils has a very strong research profile in ecophysiology, foraging behaviour, evolutionary ecology and shorebird ecology, which are all core areas for Journal of Avian Biology....

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Journal of Avian Biology!

We would like to thank all our our Authors, Reviewers and Readers for a fantastic year.


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