Revealing altered community phenology with autonomous recording units and machine learning

Read about how Laura Berman and her colleagues use new bioacoustic methods to study community phenology.

Mobbing miners

Read the blogpost by Julie Kern about the 'sophisticated' mobbing behaviour of noisy miners.

Heavy metal pollution and the sexually selected egg coloration hypothesis

Read the blogpost by Lisandrina Mari and learn about how heavy metal pollution affects egg coloration and how that might affect sexual selection in pied flycatchers.

The genetics of migratory traits: moving towards studying regulatory mechanisms of gene expression

Read the blogpost by Violeta Caballero-Lopez about how she and her colleagues came to the conclusion that research on migratory traits in birds should be shifted towards studying regulatory mechanisms of gene expression.

Ecological correlates of alternative reproductive tactics

Read the blogpost by Sue McRae about her viewpoint article that is related to the recent article by Pöysä, and read the backstory about how Susan got interested in conspecific brood parasitism.

Hello there...Dominique Potvin!

Meet our editors! Read the short interview with Dominique Potvin, JAB subject editor, and learn about her current research focus and what she likes doing in her spare time.

Wake-up call from “African alarm clocks” - Hadeda Ibises

Read more about why a study on Hadeda ibises highlights the importance of understanding animals’ sensory ecology.

Blackcaps during migration make nutritional choices depending on their infection status

Read more about how male blackcaps choose food during stopover to better cope with parasitic infections.

Hello there ... Fumin Lei!

Meet our editors! Read the short interview with Fumin Lei, JAB subject editor, and learn about his current research focus and what he likes doing in his spare time.

Structural and socioeconomic features of cities predict migratory bird species richness

Read more about how species richness of migratory birds is related to city structures and other city features.

Welcome Jenn Foote - new SE

Welcome our new subject editor from Canada: Jenn Foote! Jenn is an expert in animal communication, birdsong, vocal interactions and communication networks.

Hello there... Ron Ydenberg!

Meet another member of our editorial board - Ron Ydenberg. Read the short interview with Ron and learn about his current research focus and what he likes doing most in his spare time.

An Evolutionary Perspective On Moult

Read more about how Pyle et al. propose, illustrate, and discuss how moult strategies may have evolved across avian lineages.

Uniparental versus biparental incubation and embryonic development in tits

Read more about the effect of ambient temperature on embryonic development in biparental incubating black-throated tits and uniparental incubating silver-throated tits.

Migratory variation in Magellanic Penguins

Read more about the variation in the over-wintering strategy of Magellanic penguins.

The itinerant movements of lesser kestrels in West Africa

Read more about the findings on lesser kestrel non-breeding movement behaviour from the study by Lopez-Ricaurte et al.

Hello there... Suvi Ruuskanen!

Meet our editors! Read the short interview with Suvi Ruuskanen, JAB subject editor, and learn how being an editor helped in her role as head of the scientific committee for the recent EOU conference.

The elusive and unique swimming migration of young guillemots

Read about the distinct migration paths of father–chick pairs of young guillemots in the new JAB paper by Merkel and Strøm.

Hello there... Ulf Bauchinger!

Meet our Editorial Board - read the short interview with Ulf Bauchinger, JAB subject editor with expertise on avian energetics, metabolism, migration, stopover and individual performance.

September/October Cover

The September/October cover features a courting male adult blue throat from Johnsen et al: "Genetic diversity and sperm characteristics are not associated in two bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) populations".


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