Transparent Peer Review

Submitted by Johan on 14 November 2019.

We are very happy to announce that Journal of Avian Biology is participating in a pilot on transparent peer review.

Peer review is the very foundation of scientific publishing and we are constantly looking at ways to make the process better and fairer.

By making the process more transparent, we want to open up the process behind our editorial decisions, which will help recognizing the very important work that is done by our editors and reviewers. We also believe that the increased accountability that comes with a transparent process, can help in safeguarding the quality of the peer review process.

How does it work?

At submission, all author will be given the choice to participate in the pilot or not. If the author decides to participate and their manuscripts is accepted, the peer reviewers’ reports, authors’ responses, and editors’ decisions will be published alongside the paper. The reports will be published on Publons, with links both from the html and pdf version of the paper. Each component will have a DOI, ensuring that they are fully citable and discoverable. Reviewers can choose if they wish to remain anonymous, or if they want to disclose their names. For those reviewers who choose to sign their reviews, the DOIs can be added to their ORCID, allowing them to get recognition for their work. 

To avoid biases during the review process, Journal of Avian Biology will continue with a double-blind peer review process.


You can read more about transparent peer review at Publons: