Hello there... Ulf Bauchinger!

Submitted by Michi on 15 September 2023.

Meet our Editorial Board - read the short interview with Ulf Bauchinger, JAB subject editor with expertise on avian energetics, metabolism, migration, stopover and individual performance.


You are a professor at the Jagiellonian University in Poland - what is your research focusing on right now?
 Autumn is near and the new winter semester is approaching, which is always associated with new students joining the labs. This is also the time for maintenance of nest boxes and some ringing activities with students. We will be continuing our work around the thermoregulation in birds and how thermoregulation may be linked to oxidative stress, hopefully with some new junior researchers. 
What is most important for you in your role as subject editor for JAB?
For me it is interesting to bridge between our chief editors, our high quality JAB reviewers, and the authors; maintenance of the high JAB standards at this interface can be formulated as a goal. I like the recent diversification in the JAB portfolio and I am curious how the new special issues and mini reviews are developing in JAB.
Enough about work - what do you like doing most in your spare time?
The hot summer delayed the mushroom season, but the first trophies have already been claimed. I will certainly enjoy colleting some fabulous mushrooms for great meals. Spending time in nature, often along, in and under water are some of my regular joys, swimming and underwater-hockey are welcome challenges for colder parts of the year.
What are you looking most forward to over the next year (personally or professionally)?
I wish to continue incorporating family and friends in the research process, it shapes our minds and is well shared time. In the new year I hope to intensify my latest work on insect performances and movement.  

Read more about Ulf on his personal homepage.